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Thank you for your interest in my photography. This site will always be growing and changing with my hunger for new ways to shoot men in their natural form and the demands of news ways of advertising with an impact. This site WILL NOT be selling my photographs online, but a way for professionals in any line of work who need my expertise and services to have the opportunity to get to know my work and me before actually coming to me for projects.

My photography covers many areas and includes many races, but always has the excellent quality of the technical as well as the superb models that are used to create my art. My photography is always about portraying people in a natural, but sometimes in a sensual and always flattering manner. Some people refer to my photography as having HeArt, because my art has a lot of heart in it.

No matter what the picture is, I consider that my photography is all about the eyes, and everything else is just icing on the cake. The eyes set the mood of the photograph and in most cases, in actor head shots and modeling, this is the most important aspect of doing shots for people so that casting agents and art directors can see a strong presence so that they can get work.

This site will also provide a way to submit photos of yourself if you are interested in working with me -- iIf you're a model, actor, or someone who would be interested in my services, or if you just think that you could contribute to my art by modeling for me. If you have a good look and want to open yourself to new opportunities, I'm your photographer.

I am currently working out of my studio which is part of Valentino's Costumes, a warehouse of period costumes which provides costumes for theatre, television, and movies. It also provides my studio with anything needed for my photo shoots and my clients.

I think that people photography is a skill that goes beyond the technical, but it's also knowing how to make people comfortable from start to finish. My sessions are designed to be enjoyable as much as it is getting the job done correctly.

Studio: 818-376-1981 / E-mail:

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