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Mark Studner - his name is well-known in Los Angeles as one of the top male photographers. With numerous magazine covers, as well as posters for plays and some Los Angeles-based movies, he was proclaimed for his style, his lighting, and the expert quality of his work to be one of the best in his field. His reputation for putting clients at ease in front of the camera just enhances his photography.

"My main objective is to have each of my photographs say something. To do that, I see the eyes as being one of the most important things in relaying a particular feeling or emotion. When it's possible, I would like to meet with my client first to see his personality, so that I can integrate who he is within my work. In this way, the result of the photo shoot will be tailored to my client and thus unique.

Besides my passion for faces and eyes, it's unequivocal that my work consists of many beautiful physiques that I consider icing on the cake. Being born and raised in California, I see how much emphasis that a gorgeous body has in advertising. So from my perspective, the balance between both is the key to the perfect photograph.

My training in photography in school was just the unending process of a God-given gift from birth. Actually, I picked up my first camera at the young age of nine years old when I was attending a handicap school. After graduation from grammar school, I branched out to a regular private school for junior high called Laurence/2000 in Van Nuys, California. It was tough fitting in because of my speech impairment, but it did not take long to be one of the popular and liked kids. Within a year, I was the year photographer -- until graduation when I was honored with an award for being the yearbook photographer.

I then made a daring move to an exclusive private school where many famous actors' kids went, called Cal Prep in Encino, CA. At graduation, I was honored with an AA Degree in photojournalism, and again won awards for my essays in their newspaper throughout the state, and photo salons for my artistic photographs.

During this period of time, I was also at the radio station KROQ here in Los Angeles during the late 80s, where I found myself taking pictures of well-known bands such as Duran Duran, REM, Berlin, Thompson Twins, General Public, Psychedelic Furs, Adam Ant and many more. I found myself taking amazing concert footage at places like The Roxy, The Troubador, and The Whisky a Go-Go on the Sunset Strip where many famous bands started. These rarely unseen pictures are just waiting for an offer to do a book of Eighties famous bands.

After those great years ended, I went exclusive working in my garage studio where I lived with my mom. This is where I always took pictures of actors and models in my spare time. This is now a full-time effort after I went to an L.A.-based magazine called Edge. Edge was a popular L.A.-based men's magazine that focused on the arts for men in L.A. Many well-known photographers had their work featured there. I had more than 16 covers and many articles and photo essays with them. I then had many modeling and acting agencies offering me to take head shots and portfolio work for their clients. Soon, aspiring models and actors were searching me out. My clients were getting jobs, and now I had a set clientele that had me exclusively.

I am now concentrating on getting a classy book of my work published, expanding on my clientele with new and aspiring models and actors to work with to be the next great phenomenon where my success is their success.

Now people all around started to notice me and my work. I had many gallery openings, pictures displayed in restaurants and famous bars in L.A. Soon came greeting cards and other magazines such as Fab, Nightlife, Frontiers and others. I was offered numerous book deals, but they were unfair financially or morally, so I passed by the offers, but am always keeping my eyes open.

Today I am in a studio which is with a costume house which rents to TV, stage, and movies. Here, we work separately and together taking pictures with his award-winning costume designs and I have a huge wardrobe selection for my models with over 100,000 costumes.


This page will be my way to show my appreciation to family, friends, colleagues, and people who touched my life in many ways. My mother taught me always to say "THANK YOU" and to return kindness whenever possible. So this page will always have my mother as #1 on the top of MY list. She died November 7, 1994 of Leukemia. She was my best friend and critic for all my work. She was my number one believer in me in my work AND MY NUMBER ONE FAN. Without her undying love, support and her dedication to seeing that I grew up without the limitations that would have been put on me by society, I wouldn't have ever picked up a camera.


Two: My grandparents: Edward & Rose Oelsner (Papa & Proza), who showed me that persistence, hard work, success, and love can conquer all!

Three: Sidney Martin, Michael Jabouch, Sean Lablac, Kenney Williams, Eric Katigbak, Roger Fojas, Chris Harvey, Dalton Ellis, David Hickey, Nina Kawaski, Steve Pierce, Sushuma, Ray Rochelle, John Stutz, Roger Grant, Dayna Hoges, David Traq, Nate Crawford, James Franco, Frankie Rmous, Daniel Mia, Greg McMillan

Four: Dennis Colby - Edge Magazine, Mark Ariel - Fab, Monica Trasandes & Mark Rokow - Frontiers Magazine


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